D-Sub Connector
  w 100 / 105 series  D-sub Connector with solder cup
  w 101 / 106 series  D-sub connector Dip straight Normad D-sub Dip 180°
  w 102 series  D-Sub Dip Solder Type Right Angle
  w 107 series  Economy-Euro-Type with stamped Contacts D-subminiatur Connector with Dip-Solder contact 90° R.A
  w 108 series  D-sub Connector High-Density Solder Cup
  w 109 series  D-sub Connector High-Density Dip Solder Straight
  w 110 series  High-Density-D-subminiatur-Connector with Dip-Solder Contact 90° R. A. Economy type with stamped contacts
  w 111 series  Economy-US-type with Stamped Contacts D-subminiatur connector with Dip-solder contact 90° R.A.
  w 113 series  D-sub R/A 13.84mm type
  w 114 series  D-sub-Flat-Cable Connector acc. TO DIN 41652
  w 115 series  D-sub Connector Crimp Type acc.
  w 116 series  D-sub Connector High-Density crimp Type
  w 300 series  D-sub Connector with Wire Machine contact
  w 345 series  D-sub Connector Dip Straight- EMI type
  w 346 series  Filter-Connector EMI type 90° Right Angle
  w 347 series  High-Density-Filter- Connector EMI- type 90° R.A.
  w 380 series  D-sub Dual Port P.C. Connector
  w 381series  D-Sub Dual Port Connector
  w 382 / 383 series  D- Sub Dual Port Connector
  w 384 / 385 series  D-Sub Dual Port Connector
  w 386 series  D-Sub Dual Port Connector
  w 387 / 388 series  D-Sub Dual Port Connector
  w 631 series  D-sub Connector Dip solder Straight Height: 1.27mm
  w 682 series  Right Angle D-Sub SMT Type
  w 1686 series  D-sub Straight Press Fit Type
  w 1686A series  D-sub socket connectors with press- fit

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